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    Quavo from the Migos Loves Fanny Packs too

    If you are a fan of Migos, basketball and a good fanny pack this is the video for you. One of our favorite rappers, Quavo from the Migos can apparently ball. 

    The video made our radar because he had to remove a pretty baller fanny pack before stepping on the court. The rap crowd likes these super oversized versions it seems. 

    Check out the video below.

    Rapper Logic Has a Favorite Floral Fanny Pack

    Logic is one of our favorite rappers so we were pretty pumped to see in his recent interview with Elvis Duran about his new album Everybody he had on a floral fanny pack (looked like sunflowers). 

    It's a lot of fun when we see some of our favorite celebrities, especially those with a message of positivity and being yourself like Logic, have decided to jump on the trend. 

    We also got a really fun segment, which we need to start here on the blog, called "what's in your fanny pack". Logic was carrying a small notebook for writing lyrics and ideas, a pen, his Zelda wallet, some toothpicks and a couple of dollars. In other words, only the essentials.

    Check out the whole interview below and get your own floral fanny pack here

    The Rock Brought Back the Fanny Pack on SNL!

    Shoutout to the Rock for his amazing SNL appearance and for bringing back our all time favorite photo of him in that turtle neck and black fanny pack (it's our favorite Halloween costume).The Rock never shies away from owning his own silliness and poking a bit of fun at himself and it was on full display last week!

    Don't miss the amazing recreation below and grab your own black fanny pack to look like The Rock yourself this year!

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fanny pack