How to kiss all the masks hassle problems goobye!

How to kiss all the masks hassle problems goobye!

2020, and there's still a pandemic, and in some places it's in the law to wear a mask, places like the Philippines, Japan, Africa, Singapore and more!. Wearing a mask could be such a tedious reminder, coming from normal living and all of a sudden in just a year everything changed, well you know what Charles Darwin says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” so instead of dealing with the hassles of wearing a mask why not stop it! Mask Brackets!

 Countries where masks are mandatory

Wearing a mask could be such a hassle, smudged makeup, difficulty breathing, skin problems and even fogging glasses! How do we deal with all these hassles without simply just taking them off? 

Graphic photo of a woman with a mask bracketMask brackets graphic image

What are mask brackets you ask? A face mask bracket is this cool plastic frame known as a mask bracket or brace, that sits inside your existing mask. It has a narrow top that rests over the nose and a wide bottom that fits against the chin. The cross-shaped middle area covers the nose and mouth. Open-air vents between the T-shape keep a cloth mask from touching your mouth as you breathe. Yes! It's a mask within a mask! A maskception if you will. Yes this solves ALL those problems! 

dimensions of the mask bracket

Mask brackets are the solution to ALL your problems! Kiss your hassles goodbye, no more smudges, restricted breathing, skin irritations and fogging! Mask brackets stop all these! 

Problems mask bracket solves (graphic photo)Problems mask bracket solves

Now, how do you use them? Well you're in luck! We will teach you in just 4 easy steps. 

How to use the mask bracket

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