Interesting Ways You Can Style Your Fanny Packs To Look Chic!

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Introduced as a tourist-inspired accessory, the fanny pack has made a monumental comeback and solidified its spot as a fashion mainstay. This belt bag has been reinvented for a new season so that fashionistas can easily integrate this accessory into their everyday wardrobe.

The fanny packs are officially in, and this hands-free style can be spotted all over the international streets. While the belt bags are turning out to be the perfect match to compliment everyone’s personality, styling this nerd-chic accessory without looking like a tourist might take a bit of research and creativity.

So, is your fanny pack sitting in one corner of your closet because you are unsure how to style it appropriately? Here’s the comprehensive guide to the exciting ways to carry your belt bag like a true diva. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Use as a belt for a classic style.

Do you want to flaunt your sleek waistline? Wrap a fanny pack around your waist as a belt to look uber-stylish. It is the easiest yet voguish way to highlight your figure while giving your waist a much-needed definition. Prefer looping it through your belt loops for a more sober approach if you have a small belt bag

You can also color coordinate the footwear and the bag to add an extra oomph factor to your ensemble. Wearing a fanny pack around your waist not just makes you feel much confident, but also keeps your essentials handy.


Photo from Instagram : @breenaylaya

Pro Tip: Try wearing your fanny pack around your natural waist just above the belly button to define your waistline in the best possible way.

2. Draped over the shoulder for a modern look

Draping a fanny pack over the shoulder is the ultimate way to achieve a chic and swanky look. This style looks cool if done over a fitted denim jacket or a blazer. It can be paired with almost everything, and hence you don’t have to bother about your appearance while carrying a fanny pack.

Moreover, if you don’t want to highlight your belt bag much, slide it around to your back to move it away from the spotlight. Just position the bag in front of your chest again when you need to reach your stuff.


Photo from Instagram : @itsallaboutbettie

Pro Tip: The bag should be placed comfortably, neither too close to your arm nor too tight around your chest. It should not restrict your shoulder movement, and you should easily pass your hand under the bag.


3. Over a posh suit

Are you looking forward to achieving a show-stopper look? Style your favorite fanny pack over a posh and formal suit and get off-duty model vibes. This out-of-the-box pairing indeed makes you look modish, trendy yet sophisticated.

Complement the ensemble with class black boots and steal the spotlight on the go. Teaming up the belt bag with a format suit will reflect your bold personality while creating a unique style statement. Buckle your belt bag together and throw it over one shoulder to look chic and classy.


Photo from Instagram : @boovictoria

Pro Tip: Pair up your fanny pack crossbody-style over a polished suit and don’t forget to color coordinate the bag and boots to strike a balance.


4. As a separator

Do you love wearing matchy-matchy outfits and are looking for the rightmost accessory to team up as a separator? Try wearing the fanny pack and add a pop of color to your attire. Additionally, it defines your waistline, making you look stunning and timelessly classic.

While black fanny packs create a sporty look with everyday casuals, bright shades like lemon yellow, mint green, pastel blue, and fluorescent pink mark a fun statement while making you look eye-catching. Moreover, the bright hues add a touch of femininity to a more masculine outfit with a bold color.


Photo from Instagram : @shalinitin_srivastava

Pro Tip: Pair pink, red, or yellow belt bags with solid-colored outfits to mark a signature style statement. However, you can also go for neutral shades to keep the look sober and subtle.


5. Over a blazer

Wish to wear a blazer on a casual outing but not sure if it looks way too formal? Try pairing it with your favorite fanny pack and style the blazer without reflecting the formal vibes.

Although wearing a blazer and fanny pack together might sound weird and a fashion disaster, this style can’t go wrong and adds a unique touch to your personality.

This style showcases a perfect blend of cool and classic, something that every fashionista has been sporting. Moreover, a fanny pack on top of your blazer is easy to style. Sling your belt bag over your blazer and grab the eyeballs immediately.

Blazers are no longer exclusive to the office; they look stunning for off-duty styling. Add another layer of dimension to your favorite blazer with a logo belt bag, and look like an absolute stunner.


Photo from Instagram : @lilyancole


Pro Tip: Try a two-piece suit with matching pants and a blazer. Wear a bodysuit or simple white T-shirt underneath,, and put your fanny pack high on your waist to close the blazer.


6. Play with patterned fanny packs

The prints and patterns are the rage these days. Be it stripes, polka dots, camouflage, spotted, leopard, or plaid, pair the fanny pack of any of these prints with your monochrome outfit to achieve a more fashion-forward look.

Switch up your style quotient by pairing a patterned belt bag with an oversized top or pantsuit. You can also add a camouflage belt bag to joggers or cargo pants and a tank top to create an athletic look. In a nutshell, you can use your patterned fanny pack as an accent piece of the rest of your look is plain and sober.


Photo from Instagram : @joshuaowen


Pro Tip: Pick the belt bag that has a bold pattern and bright hues to tie your whole ensemble together. However, you can also achieve matchy-matchy vibes by doubling up on prints and adding a belt bag of a similar shade as that of the outfit.


7. Jump into it

A luxe fanny pack on a looser silhouette adds spice to your style quotient while taking your fashion game a notch higher. You cannot go wrong with a fix-all jumpsuit and a belt bag, especially during the beginning of fall. This chic accessory defines your silhouette while complementing the entire look.

If you wish to style a leather jumpsuit in your closet, pair it with a sporty fanny pack to keep things balanced, sober yet elegant.


Photo from Instagram : @83kicker


Pro Tip: You can either wear a fanny pack to clinch your waist or style it crossbody to create a dapper look. 


8. With a modernized trench

Yet another stylish way to showcase your favorite fanny pack is to team it up with trench coats to glam up the entire look. Long gone are the days when trench coats used to of wool and cotton only; nowadays, they exist in modern, sleek fabrics, like vinyl and PVC.

Wrap a textured fanny pack around your waist and bring the extraness of an oversized trench coat down several notches.


Photo from Instagram :

Pro Tip: You can style a fanny pack over a trench coat or underneath it, depending on your taste and preference. Add some texture and detail to your look by teaming up a futuristic trench with a croc-embossed belt bag.

A Guide To The Do’s and Don’ts While Styling A Fanny Pack

Since now you are well-acquainted with plenty of ways to style a fanny pack with your everyday casuals, it’s time to unveil some of the dos and don’ts of wearing this accessory.



  • Opt for a lush fabric

Add leather, velvet, and satin fanny packs to your collection and accentuate your look on the go. These fabrics look more classy and elevated than their canvas and nylon cousins.

  • Mix up the way you carry it

Keep in mind that a belt bag doesn’t have to sit solely on your rear. Let it clinch your natural waist, drape it over your shoulder, or sling low around your hips.

  • Have fun

Fanny packs are meant to be stylish, cheeky, and, most of all, fun. So, don’t stress over it and just enjoy a new hand-free life.



  • Keep on experimenting

When pairing a chic accessory, you should never limit yourself to the traditional shape and fabric. Keep experimenting with whatever you have and spice up your look without costing a dime.

  • Never go too big

While small fanny packs look sophisticated and classy, big belt bags create a bulkier and awkward look. Your favorite tote can fit your lunch, clothes, and tab, but a fanny pack cannot. So, just keep the essentials in the bag to avoid making things cringe-making.



The trend of fanny packs is rising with full force and is there to stay for long. So, get yourself updated with interesting ways to style this chic accessory like a true fashionmonger. We hope you have found our guide informative and needful. Take inspiration from the ways listed above and create your own style to bring out the diva in you.