The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Raver Friend

The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Raver Friend

These are just some of the best ideas of a Christmas gift to your raver friends and loved ones. Just remember that giving gifts for Christmas must always come from the heart.

There is a new clique on the block. With the millennial era comes this new category of friend groups. Before, in any given teen population, we have the jocks, the geeks, the drama club fanatics, and of course the snobs. Now, there is another group we can add a cafeteria table for: the ravers.

The ravers are commonly seen in music festivals, concerts, and mostly any music-powered crowd-gathering. Surely, you would have some (if not most) friends you can categorize as ravers. They are usually fun to be with and rather extroverted.

Now that the season of love and gifts are coming, your raver friends are probably among those you can easily give a present to. Here are a few cool ideas:

A stylish fanny pack

Any raver would loooove a cool fanny pack. Make no mistake, they probably would have more than a pair of this hippy bag. But surely, they would hug you just as tight if you give them a new one. A fanny pack is a small bag that is worn belted around the waist. The very bag is meant to sit off the hip or right atop a person’s butt. It is actually a fad during the 90s fashion era. Now, it has made a severely famous comeback. For ravers, a fanny pack serves not just as a convenient bag. It also adds to the rave fashion that is mostly outrageous and a little odd at the edges. When choosing a fanny pack for a raver friend, it is so much better to go for the most colorful or most glittery one. You can buy a fanny pack online or in any shop these days as this accessory is now very much in vogue.

Body and facial jewels

Music festivals are all for creative expression. You can paint your entire face or show your full-arm tattoo and no one will dare say question why. The more expressive, the better. This is why body and facial jewels are a staple in almost any OOTD or OOTN during concerts and festivals. And this is also why body and facial jewels make a great Christmas gift to your ravers. They will surely appreciate it as it helps them use less make-up, which may be removed messily during the rave. Facial jewels often come in detailed designs that one can wear under the eyes, fanning to the cheeks. Any raver would surely be grateful for a new set of shiny and shimmery jewels for the face and body.

Hydration packs

These are—possibly—the greatest accessory you can ever give a raver. A Hydration Pack sort of wears like a backpack but it’s main purpose is to, erm, hydrate the wearer sans hands. Inside the bag sits an insulated “bladder” where you can store water in and keep it cold enough for drinking at any time. It has a hose that ends with a valve you can bite to drink from. Ravers are a fan of hydration packs because it allows them to move about without holding drinking cups or bottles. Hydration packs also now come in different styles and colors, which make them fashionable add-ons to an already adorable ensemble.


Calling all aspiring raver boyfriends out there! Pasties seem to have replaced diamonds as girls’ best friend where music festivals are concerned. These are bra-top “blings” that you can wear without, uh, a bra. Some designs would even cover only the nipples of the wearer. It isn’t actually that offending to wear, especially as some designs really would have bejewelled strings and elaborate beads that conceal most of your chest area. But there are some who are brave enough to just cover the very tips. You can just choose from the wide selection of pasties depending on the type of person your raver friend is.

A rave ticket or invite

Seriously, what better gift is there for a raver than a ticket or an invite to the very venue of their expression? It does not matter if the rave is three or six months away from Christmas. Giving tickets to your raver friends would make them look forward to the coming year. You can never go wrong with supporting your friends’ vibe and hobby. As long as it is a rave that is powerful and safe enough, go buy your friends some entry.

There you have it. These are just some of the best ideas of a Christmas gift to your raver friends and loved ones. Just remember that giving gifts for Christmas must always come from the heart.