How to Find the Best Fanny Pack for Your Needs

Fashion vs. Practicality - The big debate! What would you choose?

In a survey of 100 women who were asked what's more important "comfort or style"? The majority actually choose comfort.

Yes, being comfortable and practical is vital. But does that mean you have to compromise on style? No! There are loads of chic ideas on the market that combine fashion with function.

And that's where the fanny pack comes in. It's big enough to carry your essentials, yet comes in a variety of funky designs. Looking great while being functional has alluded many for years, but the time for the bum bag is now.

But what exactly is a fanny pack? Which essential features are a must-have? What styles are available?

So many questions. Keep reading to find out how you can choose the best fanny pack for both fashion, function, and fun.

So let's get take a look.

Guess Who's Baaaack

Let's take a trip back in time to the 80's when fanny packs were all the rage. Sadly, as the years went on, they slowly became, not only unfashionable...but actual fashion suicide!

But they are back with a vengeance. Fanny packs are now all over the high street showing off there useful and trendy functions. Also known as a bum bag, waist pack or hip bag...feel free to use whichever name that sounds chicer to you!

A fanny pack is a handy bag worn around the waist. It normally has an adjustable clip fastening. And it is generally used to store small items that you might need to keep on hand such as car keys, cash, and your mobile phone. Keeping everything at arm's length is a major bonus when you want to keep your hands free throughout the day.

Fanny packs can be worn by both men and women and are available in a variety of cool designs. Just ask the king of fanny packs, Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a "The Rock) for his tips on how to work a bum bag.

Where to Rock Your Fanny Pack

They are perfect for festivals, concerts, vacations, beach trips, outdoor adventures, hiking, biking, cycling, sporting events, walking your pooch, camping trips, gym sessions, or just running around town.

One awesome thing to note is that fanny packs are TSA friendly. That means you can carry them onto a plane without it counting as one of your carry on bags. How cool is that? You can carry all your essentials in your fanny pack, wear it on board and pack your larger belongings in your carry on.

This is also true for festivals that generally have strict guidelines on what size bag you can take into the premises.

Okay, so your hooked right? But how can you choose the best fanny pack? Keep reading for some useful tips.

Shapes and Sizes

Fanny packs come in all different shapes and sizes. Before you pick, you need to decide what you plan to use it for.

Before you buy, check the storage capacity to see how much stuff you can pack into it. If it's too big you'll probably overpack and carry too much weight around with you.

If it's too small you won't have room for everything you need. But the key is to know what you want to carry in it before you buy.

You also need to consider the weight of the fanny pack itself. If you're planning to carry quite a lot of stuff, you don't want the extra weight of the actual fanny pack. So try to find one that is lightweight in nature.

Handy Pockets

Think about how many pockets you need, several pockets can be useful for keeping certain things separate. For example, keeping your phone in a separate compartment to your cash or credit card, so that nothing slips out as you take your phone out.

Most fanny packs have one large compartment, but with a few extra pockets inside. Many also have a zipper pocket on the outside. If it has a big compartment, you might even be able to fit a small water bottle.

Funky Features

Compartments and pockets are important, but construction is also key. It needs to be able to survive the elements and definitely be water resistant. This is especially the case if you're camping or taking part in a sports event.

It should also have an adjustable waistband. If you've been walking or raving it up for a few hours you might need to adjust the belt.

Or, if you fancy adding a bit of extra edge to your look, you can wear it over your shoulder across your chest or back.

Safe and Stylish

When you're in a busy concert or at a festival, you need to keep your valuables safe. Fanny packs act as a money belt and can keep your things secure.

Make sure the zip and belt buckle are strong so that it won't slip off your waist in a busy crowd.

When it's worn on the front of your body your stuff can be kept safe. In fact, unless someone literally wrestles you to the ground and unzips your fanny pack, you can be ensured it's the safest place to secure your precious items.

Strut Your Stuff

Don't be afraid to bring out the fanny pack. We can assure you that it is totally in fashion. So strut your stuff and wear your bum bag with pride!

With a huge variety of designs and patterns available, you can definitely find one that will express your unique personality. Whether it's pineapples, emojis, flamingos, boho, neon, floral or a sparkly mermaid style, you will find the best fanny pack for you.

Just have some fun with it. Whether you're raving at a festival, or hiking abroad somewhere, sporting a fanny pack will give you an edgy modern look.

Don't Settle for Cheap

Fanny packs are functional, versatile and need to be tough. But cheap fanny packs will only let you down.

You can generally use them once or twice and then that'll be it.

Try spending a little bit more to get a good, strong fanny pack that will last you longer. Choose fanny packs that are made from high-quality materials like canvas and nylon, they should also have a strong zipper.

The Best Fanny Pack on the Market

As you can see, fanny packs are back and better than ever. Not only will you look super trendy, following the footsteps of celebs like Kylie Jenner...but you will love the comfortable convenience of being hands-free.

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