Why Fanny Packs Have Come Back in Style

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Once considered outdated, fanny packs have made a comeback, and are now in style. Let's look at why they've come back, and why you need one.

Remember the days when you couldn't walk 15 feet without seeing people wearing fanny packs?

They're baaaack. And with a vengeance.

But don't worry -- they're in vogue now. So if you put one on today, you won't be committing social suicide.

So, why exactly are these once-outdated items making a comeback? And should you be wearing them around your hip?

Here's a rundown of why fanny packs -- or, "belt bags," if that sounds more chic to you -- have come back in style and why you need one.

Let's get started!

Fanny Packs Offer Comfort

Fanny packs, fanny bags, belt bags, bum bags -- they've been called many names over the years.

But one thing's for certain: These bags are ultra comfortable.

It beats trying to stuff your wallet, smartphone, gum and keys in your pockets. After all, full pockets make it challenging to walk and sit.

Sure, you could carry a bag with these items on your shoulder, but a shoulder bag can give you shoulder or back strain.

With a fanny bag, you save your body unnecessary strain, and you free up your pockets while still being able to carry everything you need with you.

Yes -- even the rabbit's foot you feel brings you luck.

Finally, you can leave your UFO pants at home.


Another major benefit of fanny bags? They're convenient.

This is especially true if you're headed to an event such as a rave or festival.

You can let loose in a crowd of dancers without worrying about losing all of your items due to pickpocketing.

Plus, you can use these now-back-in-style bags to carry anything your heart desires.

For instance, you want to carry a concealed weapon that you legally own?

Or do you want to sneak in your own Jujubes so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for them at a concession stand?

A fanny bag will allow you to carry these items without sticking out like a sore thumb like you would with a backpack. Plus, it doesn't take up unnecessary space like a backpack does.

In other words, you can't go wrong with the versatile fanny pack.


Many fanny packs today have gotten designer makeovers. You can pore over any fashion or celebrity magazine and see them on models and stars more than ever before.

The problem with many of these designer fanny packs, though, is that even though they might be aesthetically pleasing, they essentially miss the mark.

They may look good, but they might not make your life easier.

The best versions of these items are those that look good but most importantly meet your functional needs no matter where you take them.

And another benefit of fanny packs? Well-made packs are durable, so you can expect them to hang around for a while.

No more buying a bag and watching it fall apart in just a few months' time. The right pack -- featuring nylon lining and double stitching -- will stand the test of time.


Speaking of style, your fanny pack is the perfect addition to your ensemble to make it more unique.

You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors that will match your outfit.

For example, maybe a gold or silver one will add bling to your look, or perhaps a pack featuring a blue iridescent hue may add some pizzazz to your ensemble.

If you're wearing a relatively uninteresting outfit, put on a printed pack to add immediate interest to your outfit. You may even want to mix and match a couple of prints for a truly outstanding look.

Or perhaps you prefer a fanny bag that is the same hue as the remainder of your outfit -- particularly if you're wearing a pastel or neutral color. If you're not looking to stand out, that's fine, too.

Also, want to elevate your level of chicness? Why not try wearing your bag to your side on your hips? This will give you a tad more edge -- a word you may have never thought you could use with fanny packs.

Remember your fanny pack is what you make of it. So, make a statement -- your personal statement.

When you wear one of these kangaroo-like packs, you're showing others you're not fearful of going against conventional wisdom. And this bold mentality, one that screams of self-assuredness, will no doubt make you more attractive to the right people.

Great for Both Women and Men

Sure, when you think of fanny packs, you probably imagine women wearing them.

But men can get in on the action, too.

Just ask Batman. The utility belt mounted to his hip may remind you of a fanny bag -- that's essentially because it evolved from one.

He has no pockets; after all, he knows his "fanny pack" is much more practical when he's fighting his enemies.

No joke.

And Batman is not on a limb by himself when it comes to males wearing these bags. Just ask the likes of Joe Rogan, Hulk Hogan, and Chuck Norris.

Even The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, has sported a fanny bag.

These bags feature many secure areas for holding their important items.

What to Look for

When on the prowl for these now-popular bags, look for those that come with plenty of pocket space. Ideally, you want at least three pockets.

Also, make sure that they will fit your waist. High-quality brands can easily fit a waist ranging from 15 inches to 48 inches and are unisex.

One more thing: Be sure that the bag you choose is water resistant. After all, you want your critical items to stay dry, rain or shine.

How We Can Help

We offer a wide array of exciting, fun and stylish fanny packs for your needs.

Feel free to wear them to your next concert, or take one along during your next outdoor adventure or beach trip.

You can even use them religiously when going to sporting events, walking your pooch, going camping, biking or heading to the gym. You can rest assured that your essential items will remain secured.

Contact us to find out more about how our packs can help you to enjoy a more hands-free 2018.