12 Bags of Christmas For Ravers

12 Bags of Christmas For Ravers

Okay, let’s talk raver bags. Or rather, the bags ravers will be grateful to receive this Christmas season. There are two widely known bag types that any raver or music festival attendee would die to have: the fanny pack and the hydration pack.

Okay, let’s talk raver bags. Or rather, the bags ravers will be grateful to receive this Christmas season. There are two widely known bag types that any raver or music festival attendee would die to have: the fanny pack and the hydration pack.

The fanny pack, formerly called the bum bag, is a small- to medium-sized bag that one wears around the hip with a belt function. The actual bag sits on either the hip or the bum and leaves the wearer with free hands to roam about. Hydration packs, on the other hand, are backpack-inspired bags that carry water in it. The pack will also come with a protruding tube that will allow the wearer to drink water from inside the pack without having to open the entire bag.

One of the best sellers of these bags is Sojourner Bags. From them, you can get great deals for fanny packs and hydration packs. Sojourner usually goes on sale for the best types of bags so you can be sure you will have really affordable deals for super quality. If you are looking for their best packs, here are some:

2-Pocket Fanny Pack

The 2-pocket fanny pack comes in different shades of red, gray, and denim. It has 3 pockets altogether, despite its naming—2 outside front pockets and the main bag pocket. It also comes with a hole for letting wired headphones through. At best, it can fit your essentials like your wallet, keys, and phone as large as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It’s also water resistant and very durable.

80s Vintage Retro Acid Wash Denim Fanny Pack

This also comes with 3 pockets, is water resistant, and very durable. It retails for about $15. What makes it different is its design. You can have stylish fanny packs but this one has that vintage feel in it given by the denim acid wash cover. Perfect for themed music festivals, this one is.

Green Neon Party Fanny Pack

Well, it’s more of a gloss-through material that comes actually in different colors other than green. Nothing ever comes close to screaming party in the holidays than this Green Neon Party Fanny Pack, is there?. This also has 3 pockets and can be bought for about $15.

Cute Ice Cream Fanny Pack

While it is not exactly advisable to bring kids to raves or music festivals, this cute fanny pack will surely be loved by the young ones. Well, just give it to your young-at-heart friends and they will definitely love it. On sale at $15, it does not differ much in structure like the other 3-pocket packs.

Flamingo Fanny Pack

The flamingo pack is a nice gift for a very girly raver. It has cute flamingo depictions all over the pack. It also has 3 pockets, a feature that is common among all fanny packs. It comes as well in small, medium, and large sizes. Retailing at $16, this is a great gift idea for sure.

Glitter Red Transparent Fanny Pack

Water resistant, durable, and glittery are not adjectives you put together. But with fanny packs, this is possible. And the glittery red fanny pack lives up to its name. It’s red, it’s shimmering, and it’s super cool. Quite durable and useful also, with 3 pockets that can hold most of the wearer’s necessities.

Hydration Pack Backpack - Holographic Pink

Everyone will love the pink hydration pack, regardless of gender. It looks very sweet and unassuming but it’s actually utilitarian in nature. It will be perfect for any raver as it has two liters of water bladder that will last quite some time.

Hydration Pack Backpack - Luminous Green

This hydration pack is PVC and BPA free. It has antimicrobial bladder that really will keep you hydrated enough for the duration of the rave. This is a perfect gift for the crazy friend, whose rave experiences are always Instagram and blog-worthy.

Hydration Pack Backpack - Flamingo

As lovable as the flamingo fanny pack is, its equal design in the hydration pack line is just as as cute. Some girl ravers will fancy this kind of hydration pack as it adds up to their stylish outfit whilst keeping them hydrated during the event. Containing up to two liters of water, surely this will not be a horrid addition to any raving getup.

Hydration Pack Backpack - Rainbow Triangle

The rainbow triangle is a curious color scheme for a hydration pack. It does not scream hydration pack because it looks a bit more eccentric than what a normal one looks like. This might be why the rainbow triangle hydration pack is a cool gift for a raver. It is functional and very pleasing as an accessory.

Hydration Pack Backpack - Laser Holographic Purple

When buying hydration packs, utility is not the only factor to be considered. One must also look at the design of the bag—this is where the laser holographic purple hydration pack backpack comes up. It’s rave perfect, with the covers reflecting the usual color palette of any nighttime concert. For a friend who loves the attention during a rave, this is a perfect gift.

Hydration Pack Backpack - Floral

Floral bags are a thing of summers. But floral hydration packs are a thing of music festivals during summer. So it would definitely be a great idea to find yourself a cool floral hydration pack way before the summer season. This Sojourner Bags floral design might just be the one you are looking for.

Now, these bags may be for yourself or a dear one for Christmas. If you need a little more encouragement to buy one, you can check out the website of Sojourner Bags for the wide range of products.