Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Fanny Pack

Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Fanny Pack

Some of you may say they are not cool anymore, and others may replace it with another alternative. But the truth is - fanny packs have been the coolest and most practical inventions that keep your stuff safe and sound.

We'll agree with you - there are some fanny pack models that are outdated nowadays. Fortunately, our brand brings the change to the fanny pack market - and proves you the best reasons to buy and wear a fanny pack.

So, let's start.

1. They Are Practical

 No more pockets full of smartphones, wallets or keys - now, you can store all of that in your fanny pack and not look 20 pounds fatter. Plus, wearing a fanny pack lets you always be close to the things you need, in fact, at only a 'zip' away from them!

2. They Are Comfortable

Wearing a fanny pack doesn't come as a strain when sitting and then standing up. You can walk free, run or even go hiking with a fanny pack. Since it is located near the centre of your body, the fanny pack also eliminates any shoulder strain that may come from toting a messenger bag or a purse.

3. They Are Stylish

Now, we have all seen some ridiculous fanny pack designs - and we agree, not all of them are equal. However, there are a lot of stylish fanny pack designs that you can wear with almost anything. From unisex to more casual or more elegant, you can choose the one that matches your style.

4. They Are Perfect For Air Travel

We all know the struggle of getting our passport, boarding pass, smartphone and other things out of the backpack or messenger bag when travelling with a plane. Thanks to fanny packs, the customs stuff is not anymore a burden. All you need to do is zip to open and close - and you'll safely arrive to your seat.

5. They Are Ideal For Festivals

No one wants full pockets on a festival. In fact, keeping your stuff in your pockets can be an easy distraction for someone to steal them from you. That is how fanny packs come to rescue and let you dance, drink and enjoy the sounds without you even noticing.

So, are you ready to purchase a fanny pack for your next festival, air travel or regular day at work?

Zip left - zip right!