The Kardashians Love The Fanny Pack

The fanny pack (bumbag) continues to expand it's dominance in the celebrity world. Just last week we've seen 2 of the Kardashian sisters with some strong fanny pack game

Here we've got Kourtney Kardashian in a black bikini, string tie top with a pair of olive spandex hot pants and a studded fanny pack.


Next up Kim Kardashian is out and about looking pretty fabulous in some cut-offs, white tank and a Gucci fanny pack (come on Kim, up your game with a SoJourner). 

Finally you've got Kendall Jenner over here who has clearly decided that the 90's are back (we agree) wearing outfit after outfit that would look cool in our jr. high yearbook. 

Not hating on these mom jeans, white floral turtleneck and black fanny pack

Rock those fanny packs ladies!