SoJourner Launches it's First Hydration Packs

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We're super excited to bring you news! SoJourner has moved beyond just our sweet fanny packs and have added hydration packs to match. 

Function & fashion all-in-one with SoJourner Bag's hydration pack collection. Designed to keep you hydrated & stylish for any hands-free occasion. Dance like there's no tomorrow, pump your bicycle peddles faster, go on adventures hiking through jungle trails all day without having to uncomfortably lug your drink around all day. Our detailed custom designs from the print themselves to the reinforced durable zippers make our collection the most stylish & durable on Earth.

With features normally seen on more expensive packs including a shock absorbing chest strap the Hydration pack is an extremely durable, ultralight minimalist hydration backpack that allows you to take your water & essentials anywhere. Designed with your comfort in mind, the water backpack has an athletic cut so it rides low & close to your body. It can be fully adjusted in the shoulder, chest, & waist belt for a customizable fit. Storage options include 2 spacious deep pocket zippered compartments with reinforced double stitching & nylon lining. Pockets can comfortably hold water bottles, iPhone 6+, keys, wallet, food, & whatever else you may be traveling with.

We've started our new collection with 3 great styles:

Galaxy Hydration Pack

USA American Flag Hydration Pack

Silver Holographic Hydration Pack