Jimmy Kimmel Wears a SoJourner Fanny Pack to the Emmy's

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So exciting news over here at SoJourner! Jimmy Kimmel, the late night host himself, not only wore a fanny pack down the red carpet at the Emmy's but it was a SoJourner black fanny pack! How exciting is that!

Like Jimmy said, “Everyone gets hungry at award shows because they go on and on and on, but if you bring food, people sitting around you while you’re eating the food get mad. So, last night I wore, as you can see, a fanny pack that was bursting with snacks. I had snacks for everyone in my area,” Kimmel said on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I went to CVS and I bought a Halloween-sized amount of candy and junk, and I stuffed it all in there.”

He joked that his wife, Molly McNearney, was “so turned on” by the fanny pack that they “almost had to cancel the whole thing and stay in.” But seriously, Kimmel quickly clarified, “She was genuinely mortified.”

We were super excited to see this, the only bummer is nobody asked Jimmy, "who are you wearing" and he didn't volunteer so SoJourner Bags did not get the shoutout we deserved! Where's the lovy Jimmy! 

We would seriously love to get a shout if anybody has a line on Jimmy Kimmel, but we still love him and his fanny pack / tuxedo combination. Thanks for rocking a SoJourner and bringing the fanny pack back Mr. Kimmel!