Fanny Packs Are Back and Here's Why

Fanny Packs Are Back and Here's Why

Love them or hate them we secretly love them, the Fanny Packs are back, Baby! These are not your dad's fanny packs, so erase that image. These are not your socks and sandals kind of bag.

If you're wondering why fanny packs are back, you're in the right place. This article will tell you why the fanny pack should be your number one fashion accessory and how to wear it in style. Click here for more info!

Love them or hate them we secretly love them, the Fanny Packs are back, Baby! These are not your dad's fanny packs, so erase that image. These are not your socks and sandals kind of bag.

Not only are they making a resurgence in the fashion world, they are just so perfectly handy. They are also making an appearance on fashion runways and all over your favorite celebrities.

Whether you are already wearing one or are still on the fence, here is a look at why they're back and how you can be a part of the new fashion trend.

Fanny Packs are Back

If you are looking for an answer as to 'why', there isn't one. Every generation thinks they invented the wheel. Even when you show them they didn't, theirs is better. Just look at shoes to get an idea of how history is on a continuous loop.

Buddy Holly glasses went from cool, to nerdy to the brainy look and will soon be passe, once again. The fanny pack is no exception. Popular in the '80's and '90's, it was more handy than fashionable.

Now, it's back, but better. Mostly with logos emblazoned across them. They may be back, but truthfully, they never really went away. They are still favored by tourists, the club goers and people who just like to go hands-free.

Who Wears Fanny Packs

Well, everyone, really. Just because they are making a comeback doesn't mean they have moved away from being practical.


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This has been one of the biggest events for keeping the fanny pack alive. It's just so convenient to wear and keep your belongings with you. Music festivals can get pretty crazy and it's just too easy to lose your stuff.

The fanny pack keeps everything close at hand and close to you. You have your money, your phone, your lip balm and your hallucinogenics all right there. Allows you the freedom to wander about the festival and not worry about losing anything except your mind.


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Same as above, but a shorter period of time. Put your car keys and your phone in there, tuck a camera in so it isn't seen and anything else you feel you want to take in with you.

Lets you dance and enjoy yourself without the fear of losing your keys or cab fare in the crowd. Less chance of falling victim to a pickpocket, as well. You can wear it tight to the body and cover it with a T-shirt for added protection.


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The fanny pack has remained a must-have for travelers. It's handy, secure and leaves your hands free to take pictures, eat and post your selfies to your social media. Then, you can put your camera back in your fanny pack.

It's the perfect solution for keeping your passport, money or traveler's checks and anything else you need, all safe. You can keep it all close to your body and cover it with a jacket or long shirt.

They really are the ultimate article to have for travelers. Keep all your needed items close at hand and keep your hands free. Better than a big backpack, you can keep an eye on the small waist bag.

New and Improved

Fanny packs are now more of a fashion accessory. They come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes, so they can be useful and fashionable, all at the same time.

Once the bag hits the runway and a few celebrities start using them, then they are deemed okay to use again. It's a small leap to becoming mainstream, once your favorite pop or movie stars start wearing them.

Mix and Match

Many top designers have a line of fanny packs for fashion accessories. They come with their name and logo on them, like any designer bag and you can find them to match your outfits and your shoes.

Gone are the fanny packs that are bulky and drab. There are many more to choose from and you can find bags that look like designer handbags, clutches and more, all in the fanny pack style.

They have moved from functionary to works of art. Whether you actually use them for carrying your belongings is another matter. Wearing them as a fashion statement is all the rage.

Custom Made

Not only can you have your packs custom made, you can have a bunch of them made for marketing purposes. Get your name, brand or logo on them and hand them out as free promotional gifts.

They are a practical item that people will use or pass on to someone else. Either way, your company will be wrapped around the waists of people all wearing your brand.

You can also customize your own bags. There are many ways to add your own glitter or bedazzle them, adding your own personal touch. Sew or glue on decals, badges and any other type of charm or pictures you like.

More Choices

Around the waist, over the shoulder, across the body, plus they are available in many different sizes. They have become attractive and fashionable and who saw that coming?

You can find them in any pattern, any fabric, and any style. Use them for a casual day out or wear them for an evening on the town. They even act as a belt to cinch the waist of your outfit, to add a bit of shape, color, and style.

Fat Aunt Fanny

Whether you are happy about the fact that fanny packs are back or not, there is no denying their appeal. From teenagers to grandma, everyone can always make use of one.

Get a few, to dress up any outfit and make use of their secure and accessible pouch. It doesn't have to be fashionable to be functional, but it's never a bad thing when it is.

Fanny packs are like potato chips. You can't have just one. To access more of our line or place an order, please continue reading here.