Fanny Packs


Fanny packs, shoulder bag, sling bag, or hip pack, this accessory has so many names. These bags are super versatile while allowing you to get things done without having anything in your way. It’s no surprise that Fanny packs are all the rage these days and have become a staple for every new-age woman’s wardrobe.


Once used to be a traveler’s accessory, these bags have paved their way to mainstream fashion. So, if you are longing to buy a perfect fanny pack that reflects your fashion sense while carrying things appropriately, shop our best collection and embrace the trend with open arms.


With over 40 fanny pack designs and counting, we offer a myriad of options to choose from, including floral, boho, transparent, holographic, galaxy rave stripes, metallic, chevron zig-zag, bold shades, animal print, polka dots, and more. Check out all our listings and pick whatever complements your personality to switch up your style quotient a notch higher.


In addition to the umpteen patterns and designs, we offer mesmerizing color options, ranging from pastel hues to deep, dark shades. What makes our fanny packs worth adding to your closet is their premium quality.

At SoJourner Bags, we believe in offering the highest-quality products that stay with you for a long while. Our collection is made of reinforced double sticking and durable nylon lining. Moreover, our bags are water-resistant that keep your belongings dry in the rain. They won’t rip or tear even in the most challenging terrain.


Not only does our collection of fanny packs loop incredible, but they are also practical too. These bags come with enough space to carry all your essentials without any hassle. The main pouch comes with zipper compartments to keep your stuff well-organized.

Look no further!! Browse our collection and get a new and stylish fanny pack for every occasion.